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For the past twenty years, we are focused exclusively on the Chinese translation of legal documents. Our professional team has gathered the world’s best legal translation talents, built the most comprehensive legal terminology database, and gained extensive hands-on experience. Our professional translation skills have been widely recognized by the world’s top law firms and Fortune 500 companies.


Thanks to our long standing relationships with leading legal professionals, we not only have the opportunity to translate the most complex transactional and litigation documents, but also fully understand the expectations and specific requirements of legal professionals in terms of translation quality, and always provide our clients with logical and rigorous translations in a meticulous manner.


LegalLingo’s Knowledge Management System is unique in the world, and we are able to incorporate feedbacks from legal professionals into our knowledge system and use them for subsequent translation projects after thorough analysis and validation. LegalLingo’s powerful translation database of approximately one million specialized legal terms is the backbone of our high quality translations.

Dedicated Translation Service with a Unique Focus

Unlike most translation agencies that rely heavily on part-time translators, LegalLingo has always strived to cultivate and forge a team of skilled translators who are committed to excellence and efficiency in order to provide quality translation services to our target clients. In terms of talent, we have not only full-time translators who have years of experience working in leading international law firms and financial and insurance institutions, but also comprehensive translators who are excellent at logical analysis, numerical sensitivity and have interdisciplinary background knowledge, making us capable of translating not only difficult pure legal documents for our clients, but also large and complex legal documents in various interdisciplinary fields. In terms of translation technology, we attach great importance to the construction of knowledge management systems and the use of specialist software. We are not only adept at learning, summarising and collating translation knowledge and terminology, but are also able to incorporate feedback from professional clients into our knowledge system and use it for subsequent translation projects after thorough analysis and validation. In addition, the flexible structure of the team, the collaboration between members and the use of specialist software all add to our confidence in delivering high quality translations to our clients.

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Why Choose Our Team

Deep Understanding of Client Needs

Our understanding of the needs of professional clients does not only come from the experience of our team members in law firms, but also from our in-depth communication with domestic and foreign lawyers during the translation of large transactional, arbitral and insurance documents, which gives us the ability to grasp the expectations and requirements of professionals.


Strong Research Capabilities

We have in-house translators with interdisciplinary backgrounds who are capable of handling a wide range of difficult and complex legal documents. When we encounter complex and long clauses, rare and unfamiliar phrases, logical problems and other translation difficulties, we will conduct in-depth discussions and analyses to ensure that readers can clearly understand the logical relationships and various professional expressions in the documents.


Reliable Translation Team

Professional clients pay close attention to the stability of translation quality, especially in large-scale translation projects, where the stable performance of translators is particularly important. Over the years, we have spared no cost to hire and train full-time translators and improve our own unique knowledge management system to provide high-quality translations for professionals.

Case Study

A member of the “Magic Circle” law firms needed us to translate over 1,000 individual documents from English into Chinese that they had received as part of an ongoing matter. These translations were needed in an urgent turnaround time as it was essential for our client to be able to begin their review of the Chinese translations at the earliest possible opportunity. However, our client also needed the translations to be delivered on a rolling basis and in alphabetical batches, thereby making it easy for their Beijing office to review the translation. LegalLingo organized a team of English into Chinese translators to complete this work in our client’s timeframe. Ahead of starting translation work we put together all the documents and have all defined legal terms contained therein translated and submitted to our client for their confirmation, then we started translating the documents in an alphabetical order. When all the translations were completed, our client was very impressive and expressed their appreciation for our organized and logically arranged work.
A Magic Circle Law Firm
One of the largest banks in China, with an ever-expanding overseas network, asked us to translate many financial documents (such as bank guarantees, financial annual reports, as well as larger projects, all of a financial nature) from Chinese into English, Spanish, and Russian. They require documents in many different languages due to the global nature of their work, and all translation work has to be completed as fast as possible. Therefore, what our client urgently needs is a language provider that they can trust to provide high quality translations of financial documents in fast turnaround times. We assured our client that all of our translators, regardless of language, are subject specialists of financial translations, and are therefore always able to produce high quality translations that can be relied upon to meet our client’s needs. As a result, our client knows that they can rely on us to produce translations that are consistent, timely and carried out to a high standard, suitable for their exact needs in the financial sector.
A High-profile Asian Bank


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LegalLingo is a leading provider of language services to law firms and in-house legal teams doing business around the world. 

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