share, n.

1. An allotted portion owned by, contributed by, or due to someone ( each partner’s share of the profits).

intestate share. The share that the renouncer of a will would take in the decedent’s assets if the decedent had left no will affecting in any way the distribution of assets.

2. One of the definite number of equal parts into which the capital stock of a corporation or joint-stock company is divided (the broker advised his customer to sell the stock shares when the price reaches $29). ? A share represents an equity or ownership interest in the corporation or joint-stock company. Cf. STOCK(4); SECURITY(4). [Cases: Corporations 62; Joint Adventures

6. C.J.S. Corporations ¡ì¡ì 126, 128, 148¨C151; Joint Ventures ¡ì 62.]

American share. Securities. A share of stock in a foreign corporation issued directly to U.S. investors through a transfer agent.

qualifying share. A share of common stock purchased by someone in order to become a director of a corporation that requires its directors to be shareholders. [Cases: Corporations 282. C.J.S. Corporations ¡ì¡ì 447¨C448.]

share, vb.

1. To divide (something) into portions.

2. To enjoy or partake of (a power, right, etc.).

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