1. The commencement of something, such as a civil or criminal action.

2. An elementary rule, principle, or practice.

3. An established organization, esp. one of a public character, such as a facility for the treatment of mentally disabled persons. ¡ª Also termed public institution. [Cases: Mental Health 31¨C37. C.J.S. Insane Persons¡ì¡ì 45¨C47, 49¨C54, 57, 60¨C64, 66, 70.]

4. Civil law. A testator’s appointment of an heir; the designation of an institute. See INSTITUTE(5).

5. Eccles. law. The investiture of a cleric with a benefice, by which the cleric becomes responsible for the spiritual needs of the members of a parish. Cf. PRESENTATION(2); ADVOWSON.

What is the legal equivalence of INSTITUTION in Chinese?
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