commission, n.

1. A warrant or authority, from the government or a court, that empowers the person named to execute official acts (the student received his commission to the U.S. Navy after graduation).

2. The authority under which a person transacts business for another (the client gave her attorney express commission to sign the contract).

3. A body of persons acting under lawful authority to perform certain public services (the Federal Communications Commission).

public-service commission. A commission created by a legislature to regulate public utilities or public-service corporations. [Cases: Public Utilities 141. C.J.S. Public Utilities ¡ì¡ì 60¨C61.]

4. The act of doing or perpetrating (as a crime) (the perpetrator fled to Mexico after commission of the assault).

5. A fee paid to an agent or employee for a particular transaction, usu. as a percentage of the money received from the transaction (a real-estate agent’s commission). [Cases: Brokers 39¨C75; Master and Servant 70(2). C.J.S. Brokers ¡ì¡ì 116¨C188, 190; Employer¨CEmployee Relationship ¡ì 140¨C142, 165.]

double commission. A commission paid by both a seller and a buyer to the same person acting in different ca-pacities. [Cases: Brokers 67. C.J.S. Brokers ¡ì 182.]

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