violence. The use of physical force, usu. accompanied by fury, vehemence, or outrage; esp., physical force unlawfully exercised with the intent to harm. ? Some courts have held that violence in labor disputes is not limited to physical contact or injury, but may include picketing conducted with misleading signs, false statements, erroneous publicity, and veiled threats by words and acts.

domestic violence.

1. Violence between members of a household, usu. spouses; an assault or other violent act committed by one member of a household against another. See BATTERED-CHILD SYNDROME; BATTERED-WOMAN SYNDROME. [Cases: Assault and Battery 48. C.J.S. Assault and Battery ¡ì¡ì 2¨C3, 62, 64¨C66, 81.]

2. The infliction of physical injury, or the creation of a reasonable fear that physical injury or harm will be inflicted, by a parent or a member or former member of a child’s household, against a child or against another member of the household.

¡ª Also termed domestic abuse; family violence.

3. Archaic. Insurrection or unlawful force fomented from within a country.

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