verification, n.

1. A formal declaration made in the presence of an authorized officer, such as a notary public, or (in some jurisdictions) under oath but not in the presence of such an officer, whereby one swears to the truth of the statements in the document. ? Traditionally, a verification is used as a conclusion for all pleadings that are required to be sworn. Cf. ACKNOWLEDGMENT(4). ¡ª Also termed affidavit of verification. [Cases: Federal Civil Procedure 662; Pleading 289¨C304. C.J.S. Pleading ¡ì¡ì 255, 486¨C518.]

2. An oath or affirmation that an authorized officer administers to an affiant or deponent.

3. Loosely, ACKNOWLEDGMENT (5).

4. See certified copy under COPY.


6. Any act of notarizing. Cf. JURAT(1). ¡ª verify, vb. ¡ª verifier, n.

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