suicide, n.

1. The act of taking one’s own life.

¡ª Also termed self-killing; self-destruction; self-slaughter; self-murder; felony-de-se; death by one’s own hand. [Cases: Suicide

1. C.J.S. Suicide ¡ì¡ì 2¨C5, 11.]

assisted suicide. The intentional act of providing a person with the medical means or the medical knowledge to commit suicide.

¡ª Also termed assisted self-determination; (when a doctor provides the means) physician-assisted suicide. Cf. EUTHANASIA. [Cases: Suicide

3. C.J.S. Suicide ¡ì¡ì 8¨C12.]

attempted suicide. An unsuccessful suicidal act. [Cases: Suicide

2. C.J.S. Suicide ¡ì 6¨C7.]

physician-assisted suicide. See assisted suicide.

police-assisted suicide. See suicide-by-cop.

suicide-by-cop. Slang. A form of suicide in which the suicidal person intentionally engages in life-threatening behavior to induce a police officer to shoot the person. ? Frequently, the decedent attacks the officer or otherwise threatens the officer’s life, but occasionally a third person’s life is at risk. A suicide-by-cop is distinguished from other police shootings by three elements. The person must: (1) evince an intent to die; (2) consciously understand the finality of the act; and (3) confront a law-enforcement official with behavior so extreme that it compels that officer to act with deadly force.

¡ª Also termed police-assisted suicide; victim-precipitated homicide.

2. A person who has taken his or her own life.

¡ª Also termed felo-de-se; felon-de-se; felon of oneself. ¡ª suicidal, adj.

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