1. Insurance. The process of obtaining benefits from a second policy on the same claim when recovery from the first policy alone would be inadequate. [Cases: Insurance 2108, 2799. C.J.S. Insurance ¡ì¡ì 1676, 1680.]

judicial stacking. The principle that a court can construe insurance policies to permit stacking, under certain circumstances, when the policies do not specifically provide for stacking but public policy is best served by permitting it. [Cases: Insurance 2799. C.J.S. Insurance ¡ì¡ì 1676, 1680.]

policy stacking. Stacking that is permitted by the express terms of an insurance policy. [Cases: Insurance 2108.]

2. A gerrymandering technique in which a large political or racial group is combined in the same district with a larger opposition group. Cf. CRACKING; PACKING. [Cases: Elections 12(6).]

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