solemn war. See WAR.

SOLEMN WAR Relevant Terms

step-transaction-doctrine: step-transaction doctrine. A method used by the Internal Revenue Service to determine tax liability by viewing the transaction as a whole, and disregarding one or more nonsubstan[…]

sterilization: sterilization. 1. The act of making (a person or other living thing) permanently unable to reproduce. 2. The act of depriving (a person or other living thing) of reproductive[…]

sterling: sterling, adj. 1. Of or conforming to a standard of national value, esp. of English money or metal (a pound sterling). 2. (Of an opinion, value, etc.) valuable; authoritative[…]

Instituta Cnuti aliorumque regum Anglorum: 〈拉〉《克努特法学阶梯》 一部关于盎格鲁-撒克逊法律的汇编,约于1100年由一位牧师用拉丁文编辑而成。其前两部分主要包括克努特法典的章节;第[…]