sequestrator (see-kwes-tray-t[schwa]r).

1. An officer appointed to execute a writ of sequestration.

¡°[A] sequestrator was an officer of the Court of Chancery acting under the order of that court in seizing property. The law courts appear, however, to have held that the holder of the property could resist seizure by the officer of the Court of Chancery, and indeed kill that officer if necessary to prevent the seizure. And if he killed the officer, he would not be held guilty of murder because the Court of Chancery was an illegal tribunal or its decrees were illegal, and could not justify an officer in seizing the property mentioned in the order.¡± Charles Herman Kinnane, A First Book on Anglo-American Law 306 (2d ed. 1952).

2. A person who holds property in sequestration.

¡ª Also termed sequesterer. [Cases: Sequestration 14. C.J.S. Sequestration ¡ì 17.]

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