secundum (si-k[schwa]n-d[schwa]m), adj. [Latin] Roman law. According to; in favor of, as in secundum actorem (“in favor of the plaintiff”).

SECUNDUM Relevant Terms

unauthorized-signature: A signature made without actual, implied, or apparent authority. • It includes a forgery. UCC § 1-201(b)(41). [Cases: Banks and Banking 147; Bills and Notes 54, 279. Banks and […]

unavailability: unavailability, n. The status or condition of not being available, as when a witness is exempted by court order from testifying. • Unavailability is recognized under the Federal […]

unavoidable-accident: An accident that cannot be avoided because it is produced by an irresistible physical cause that cannot be prevented by human skill or reasonable foresight. • Examples include […]

staple: n. (1)主要产品;主要作物;主要商品 生产、贸易及需求的主要产品,比如谷物、盐、面粉等。这种产品对其出产地的经济通常具有重要意义。 ([…]