rescue, n.

1. The act or an instance of saving or freeing someone from danger or captivity.

2. The forcible and unlawful freeing of a person from arrest or imprisonment.

¡ª Also termed rescous. [Cases: Rescue

1. C.J.S. Escape ¡ì¡ì 28¨C31, 33.]

¡°A rescue signifies a forcible setting at liberty, against law, of a person duly arrested. It is necessary, that the rescuer should have knowledge that the person whom he sets at liberty has been apprehended for a criminal offence, if he be in the custody of a private person; but if he be under the care of an officer, then he is to take notice of it at his peril.¡± 1 Joseph Chitty, A Practical Treatise on the Criminal Law 62 (2d ed. 1826).

3. The forcible retaking by the owner of goods that have been lawfully distrained.

¡ª Also termed rescous. Cf. REPOSSESSION.

4. Int’l law. The retaking of a prize by persons captured with it, so that the property is legally restored to its original owner. See POSTLIMINIUM(3). ¡ª rescue, vb.

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