regulation, n.

1. The act or process of controlling by rule or restriction (the federal regulation of the airline industry).

2. BYLAW(1) (the CEO referred to the corporate regulation).

3. A rule or order, having legal force, usu. issued by an administrative agency (Treasury regulations explain and interpret the Internal Revenue Code). ¡ª Abbr. reg; Reg.

¡ª Also termed (in sense 3) agency regulation; subordinate legislation; delegated legislation. See MERIT REGULATION. [Cases: Administrative Law and Procedure 381¨C427. C.J.S. Public Administrative Law and Procedure ¡ì¡ì 87¨C114.] ¡ª regulatory, regulable, adj. ¡ª regulate, vb.

proposed regulation. A draft administrative regulation that is circulated among interested parties for comment. ¡ª Abbr. prop. reg. [Cases: Administrative Law and Procedure 392. C.J.S. Public Administrative Law and Procedure ¡ì¡ì 103, 105.]

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