quantum meruit (kwon-t[schwa]m mer-oo-it). [Latin ¡°as much as he has deserved¡±]

1. The reasonable value of services; damages awarded in an amount considered reasonable to compensate a person who has rendered services in a quasi-contractual relationship.

2. A claim or right of action for the reasonable value of services rendered. [Cases: Implied and Constructive Contracts 30. C.J.S. Implied and Constructive Contracts ¡ì 24.]

3. At common law, a count in an assumpsit action to recover payment for services rendered to another person. ? Quantum meruit is still used today as an equitable remedy to provide restitution for unjust enrichment. It is often pleaded as an alternative claim in a breach-of-contract case so that the plaintiff can recover even if the contract is unenforceable. See implied-in-law contract under CONTRACT.

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