probatio (pr[schwa]-bay-shee-oh). [Latin] Roman & civil law. Proof.

plena probatio. See probatio plena.

probatio diabolica (pr[schwa]-bay-shee-oh dI-[schwa]-bol-i-k[schwa]). [Latin ¡°devil’s proof¡±] Civil law. The (usu. difficult) proof of ownership of an immovable thing by tracing its title back to the sovereign.

probatio mortua (pr[schwa]-bay-shee-oh mor-choo-[schwa]). [Latin] Dead proof; proof by an inanimate object such as a deed or other instrument.

probatio plena (pr[schwa]-bay-shee-oh plee-n[schwa]). [Latin] Civil law. Full proof; proof by two witnesses or a public instrument.

¡ª Also termed plena probatio.

probatio probata (pr[schwa]-bay-shee-oh pr[schwa]-bay-t[schwa]). [Law Latin] A proven proof; evidence that could not be contradicted.

probatio prout de jure (pr[schwa]-bay-shee-oh proh-[schwa]t dee [or di] joor-ee). [Law Latin] A proof according to any of the legal modes of proof applicable to the circumstance.

probatio semiplena (pr[schwa]-bay-shee-oh sem-I-plee-n[schwa]). [Latin] Civil law. Half-full proof; half-proof; proof by one witness or a private instrument.

probatio viva (pr[schwa]-bay-shee-oh vI-v[schwa]). [Latin] Living proof; that is, proof by the mouth of a witness.

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