pneumoconiosis. Chronic lung disease and related conditions characterized by respiratory and pulmonary impairments and caused or aggravated by coal-dust exposure during coal-mine employment. ? The disease is usu. latent and often does not manifest until after coal-dust exposure has ended. 20 CFR ¡ì 718.201.

¡ª Also termed black-lung disease.

clinical pneumoconiosis. Any medically recognized condition caused by coal-dust exposure while working in a coal mine and characterized by large, permanent deposits of particulate matter in the lungs, coupled with the lung tissue’s fibrotic reaction. ? Some examples of clinical pneumoconioses are silicosis or silicotuberculosis, massive pulmonary fibrosis, and anthrosilicosis. Cf. legal pneumoconiosis.

legal pneumoconiosis. Any chronic restrictive or obstructive pulmonary disease or impairment and related conditions arising out of coal-mine employment. Cf. clinical pneumoconiosis.

How do Chinese legal professionals usually express the term PNEUMOCONIOSIS?
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