patentee (pat-[schwa]n-tee). One who either has been granted a patent or has succeeded in title to a patent. • Although it might seem helpful to distinguish a patentee as a person to whom a patent is issued and a patent-holder as the owner of a patent, including the original grantee's assigns, the Patent Act explicitly includes all title-holders under the term “patentee.” 35 USCA § 100(d). — Also termed patent-holder; patent-owner. [Cases: Patents 90, 117. C.J.S. Patents §§ 120–125, 209.]

PATENTEE Relevant Terms

de-non-decimando: de non decimando (dee non des-[schwa]-man-doh), n. [Law Latin “of not paying tithes”] Eccles. law. A claim for release from paying a tithe. — Also termed modus de non decimand[…]

de-non-procedendo-ad-assisam: de non procedendo ad assisam (dee non proh-s[schwa]-den-doh ad [schwa]-sI-z[schwa]m), n. [Law Latin “of not proceeding to take an assize”] Hist. A writ ordering justices not to h[…]

de-non-residentia-clerici-regis: de non residentia clerici regis (dee non rez-[schwa]-den-shee-[schwa]kler-[schwa]-sIree-jis), n. [Law Latin “of the nonresidence of a parson employed in royal service”] Hist. A w[…]

community chest: 〈美〉 (1)社区福利基金 城市中为各种慈善机构募集的资金,这样可以避免慈善机构单独募款的费用和人力浪费。 (2)社区福利基金组织 […]