outsourcing agreement

outsourcing agreement


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conversion-value: conversion value. A convertible security’s value as common stock. • For example, a bond that can be converted into ten shares of stock worth $40 each has a conversion value of $4[…]

converter: converter, n. One who wrongfully possesses or disposes of another’s property; esp., one who engages in a series of acts of willful interference, without lawful justification, wit[…]

convertible-insurance: Insurance that can be changed to another form without further evidence of insurability, usu. referring to a term-life-insurance policy that can be changed to permanent insurance […]

innocent or injured person: 无辜方;受害方 指以前一婚姻关系未解除为由而请求宣告婚姻无效的诉讼中的一方当事人的身份,但如其在缔结婚姻时知道前一婚姻的存在,则不具有该身份[…]