official ([schwa]-fish-[schwa]l), adj.

1. Of or relating to an office or position of trust or authority (official duties).

2. Authorized or approved by a proper authority (a company’s official policy).

official, n.

1. One who holds or is invested with a public office; a person elected or appointed to carry out some portion of a government’s sovereign powers.

¡ª Also termed public official. [Cases: Officers and Public Employees

1. C.J.S. Officers and Public Employees ¡ì¡ì 1¨C9, 12¨C17, 21.]

2. One authorized to act for a corporation or organization, esp. in a subordinate capacity. [Cases: Corporations 303. C.J.S. Corporations ¡ì 471.]

3. (usu. cap.) OFFICIAL PRINCIPAL.

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