nominate (nom-[schwa]-n[schwa]t), adj. Civil law. Classified; having a special name or designation. See nominate contract under CONTRACT.

nominate, vb.

1. To propose (a person) for election or appointment (Steven nominated Jane for president). [Cases: Elections 122¨C147; Officers and Public Employees

8. C.J.S. Elections ¡ì¡ì 93, 95, 97¨C110, 111(1), 112¨C114, 115(1), 116, 118(1), 119(1), 135¨C137, 162; Officers and Public Employees¡ì 47.]

2. To name or designate (a person) for a position (the testator nominated an executor, who later withdrew because he couldn’t perform his duties). [Cases: Executors and Administrators 14, 17(7). C.J.S. Executors and Administrators ¡ì¡ì 17¨C21, 43.]

How many interpretations of the term NOMINATE are there in Chinese?
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