mediator (mee-dee-ay-t[schwa]r), n. A neutral person who tries to help disputing parties reach an agreement. Cf. ARBITRATOR.

MEDIATOR Relevant Terms

hostage: hostage. 1. An innocent person held captive by another who threatens to kill or harm that person if one or more demands are not met. • Hostage-taking is a federal crime. 18 USC[…]

hosteler: hosteler (hos-t[schwa]-l[schwa]r). 1. A person who stays in a youth hostel. 2. A stableman. 3. Archaic. A person who receives and entertains guests, esp. at a monastery. […]

hostilaria: hostilaria (hos-t[schwa]-lair-ee-[schwa]), n. [Latin] A place or room in a religious house used to receive guests and strangers. — Also termed hospitalaria (hos-p[schwa]-t[schwa][…]

silence: n. (1)缄默;沉默 在刑法上,沉默包括被逮捕者所作的表示不愿讲话和要求聘请律师的陈述。 (2)隐匿;守密 指没有披露法[…]