mainpernor (mayn-p[schwa]r-n[schwa]r), n. [Law French, fr. Old French main ¡°hand¡± + pernor ¡°taker¡±] Hist.

1. A surety for a prisoner’s appearance; one who gives mainprise for another.

¡ª Also termed mainpriser.

¡°Mainpernors differ from bail, in that a man’s bail may imprison or surrender him up before the stipulated day of appearance; mainpernors can do neither, but are barely sureties for his appearance at the day: bail are only sureties, that the party be answerable for the special matter for which they stipulate; mainpernors are bound to produce him to answer all charges whatsoever.¡± 3 William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England 128 (1768).

2. A form of bail taken under a writ of mainprise.

¡ª Also termed manucaptor (man-yoo-kap-t[schwa]r). See MAINPRISE.

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