judicatum solvi (joo-di-kay-t[schwa]m sol-vI). [Latin ¡°that the judgment will be paid¡±]

1. Roman law. The payment of the sum awarded by way of judgment.

2. Roman law. Security for the payment of the sum awarded by way of judgment. ? This applied when a representative appeared on the defendant’s behalf at the trial.

3. Civil law. A court-ordered caution given by the defendant in a maritime case. See CAUTION.

¡°Judicatum solvi …. The cautioner in such an obligation is bound in payment or fulfilment of whatever may be decerned for, and he is not liberated from the obligation by the death of the principal debtor. It is a kind of caution not infrequently required. Under the civil law this caution was required of any defender who remained in possession, during the suit, of the subject which gave rise to the dispute.¡± John Trayner, Trayner’s Latin Maxims 292¨C93 (4th ed. 1894).

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