indecency, n. The state or condition of being outrageously offensive, esp. in a vulgar or sexual way. ? Unlike obscene material, indecent speech is protected under the First Amendment. Cf. OBSCENITY. [Cases: Obscenity

1. C.J.S. Obscenity ¡ì¡ì 1¨C8.] ¡ª indecent, adj.

¡°Obscenity is that which is offensive to chastity. Indecency is often used with the same meaning, but may also include anything which is outrageously disgusting. These were not the names of common-law crimes, but were words used in describing or identifying certain deeds which were.¡± Rollin M. Perkins & Ronald N. Boyce, Criminal Law 471 (3d ed. 1982).


indecent advertising.

1. Signs, broadcasts, or other forms of communication that use grossly objectionable words, symbols, pictures, or the like to sell or promote goods, services, events, etc.

2. Archaic. In some jurisdictions, the statutory offense of advertising the sale of abortifacients and (formerly) contraceptives.

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