improvement. An addition to real property, whether permanent or not; esp., one that increases its value or utility or that enhances its appearance.

¡ª Also termed land improvement. Cf. FIXTURE. [Cases: Improvements

1. C.J.S. Improvements ¡ì¡ì 2, 4.]

beneficial improvement. See valuable improvement.

general improvement. An improvement whose primary purpose or effect is to benefit the public generally, though it may incidentally benefit property owners in its vicinity.

local improvement. A real-property improvement, such as a sewer or sidewalk, financed by special assessment, and specially benefiting adjacent property. [Cases: Municipal Corporations 265. C.J.S. Municipal Corporations ¡ì 958.]

necessary improvement. An improvement made to prevent the deterioration of property.

public improvement. An improvement made to property owned by the state or any other political entity, such as a municipality.

valuable improvement. An improvement that adds permanent value to the freehold. ? Because of its nature, a valuable improvement would not typically be made by anyone other than the owner. A valuable improvement may be slight and of small value, as long as it is both permanent and beneficial to the property.

¡ª Also termed beneficial improvement.

voluntary improvement. An improvement whose only purpose is ornamental.

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