1. Formerly, a county subdivision that had its own local court.

¡°The hundred was a group of adjoining townships. It may have consisted of an area taxed at one hundred hides. Other explanations of the term ¡®hundred¡¯ are that the unit may have consisted of one hundred households, or the area had to supply one hundred fighting men for the national defence.¡± L.B. Curzon, English Legal History 7 (2d ed. 1979).

2. The populace of such a subdivision.

3. See hundred court under COURT.

4. In the United States, a political division derived from the English county division. ? Hundreds existed in colonial Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Today, they exist only in Delaware. ¡ª hundredal (hun-dri-d[schwa]l), adj.

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