hamesucken (haym-s[schwa]k-[schwa]n), n. Scots law.

1. Assault on a householder within the house after breaking in to commit the assault or to commit theft.

2. The crime of housebreaking or burglary accompanied by violence. ? This term derives from Anglo-Saxon law (h msocn), and literally meant ¡°breaching the peace of another’s home.¡± ¡ª Also spelled hamesecken; hamesoken.

¡ª Also termed hamfare.

¡°Burglary, or nocturnal housebreaking, burgi latrocinium, which by our ancient law was called hamesecken, as it is in Scotland to this day, has always been looked upon as a very heinous offence ….¡± 4 William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England 223 (1769).

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