fundus (f[schwa]n-d[schwa]s). [Latin ¡°land¡±] Hist.

1. Land or ground in general, without consideration of its specific use.

2. A farm.

fundus emphyteuticarius (f[schwa]n-d[schwa]s em-f[schwa]-tyoo-ti-kair-ee-[schwa]s).Civil law. Land held under a hereditary leasehold. See EMPHYTEUSIS.

fundus instructus (f[schwa]n-d[schwa]s in-str[schwa]k-t[schwa]s). [Latin] Hist. Land already provided with certain necessaries.

fundus patrimonialis (f[schwa]n-d[schwa]s pa-tr[schwa]-moh-nee-ay-lis). [Latin] Roman law. Land belonging to the patrimonium principis (that is, property belonging to the emperor as such).

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