frater (fray-t[schwa]r), n. [Latin] Roman law. A brother.

frater consanguineus (fray-t[schwa]r kon-sang-gwin-ee-[schwa]s). A brother or half-brother having the same father.

frater germanus (fray-t[schwa]r j[schwa]r-may-n[schwa]s). A brother having both parents in common.

frater nutricius (fray-t[schwa]r n[y]oo-trish-ee-[schwa]s). A foster brother who was suckled by the same wet nurse.

frater uterinus (fray-t[schwa]r yoo-t[schwa]-rI-n[schwa]s). A brother or half-brother having the same mother.

What is the legal equivalent of the term FRATER in Chinese?
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