flyma. See FLEME.

FLYMA Relevant Terms

subsurety: subsurety (s[schwa]b-shuur[-[schwa]]-tee). A person whose undertaking is given as additional security, usu. conditioned not only on nonperformance by the principal but also on no[…]

subsuretyship: subsuretyship (s[schwa]b-shuur[-[schwa]]-tee-ship). The relation between two (or more) sureties, in which a principal surety bears the burden of the whole performance that is due[…]

subsurface-interest: subsurface interest. 1. A landowner’s right to the minerals and water below the property. [Cases: Mines and Minerals 47; Waters and Water Courses 100–101. C.J.S. Mines and Mine[…]

exhibit: v. (1)展出;陈列;显示 (2)(公开、正式)出示(证据等) n. (3)陈列品;展览物 (4)展示证据 如向法庭、仲裁员等提交的作为[…]