1. A member of the electoral college chosen to elect the President and Vice President.

¡ª Also termed presidential elector. [Cases: United States 25. C.J.S. United States ¡ì 46.]

2. A voter. [Cases: Elections 59. C.J.S. Elections ¡ì 16.]

qualified elector. A legal voter; a person who meets the voting requirements for age, residency, and registration and who has the present right to vote in an election. See VOTER. [Cases: Elections 59¨C87. C.J.S. Elections ¡ì¡ì 15¨C19, 26, 28¨C29, 32.]

3. A person who chooses between alternative rights or claims.

4. Hist. The title of certain German princes who had a voice in electing the Holy Roman Emperors. ? This office sometimes became hereditary and was connected with territorial possessions.

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