1. The act of selling a large quantity of goods at less than fair value.

2. Selling goods abroad at less than the market price at home. See ANTIDUMPING LAW. [Cases: Customs Duties 21.

5. C.J.S. Customs Duties ¡ì¡ì 135¨C152.]

¡°Dumping involves selling abroad at a price that is less than the price used to sell the same goods at home (the ¡®normal¡¯ or ¡®fair¡¯ value). To be unlawful, dumping must threaten or cause material injury to an industry in the export market, the market where prices are lower. Dumping is recognized by most of the trading world as an unfair practice (akin to price discrimination as an antitrust offense).¡± Ralph H. Folsom & Michael W. Gordon, International Business Transactions ¡ì 6.1 (1995).

3. The disposal of waste matter into the environment. [Cases: Environmental Law 341.]

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