determination, n.

1. A final decision by a court or administrative agency (the court’s determination of the issue). [Cases: Administrative Law and Procedure 489; Federal Civil Procedure 928. C.J.S. Public Administrative Law and Procedure ¡ì¡ì 147¨C148.]

initial determination. The first determination made by the Social Security Administration of a person’s eligibility for benefits. [Cases: Social Security and Public Welfare 8.5, 142.15, 175.25. C.J.S. Social Security and Public Welfare ¡ì¡ì 13, 75.]

2. The ending or expiration of an estate or interest in property, or of a right, power, or authority (the easement’s determination after four years). ¡ª determine, vb.

What is the Chinese interpretation of DETERMINATION?
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