dedication, n. Property. The donation of land or creation of an easement for public use. [Cases: Dedication 1¨C28. C.J.S. Dedication ¡ì¡ì 1¨C12, 14¨C30, 56¨C64.] ¡ª dedicate, vb. ¡ª dedicatory, adj.

common-law dedication. A dedication made without a statute, consisting in the owner’s appropriation of land, or an easement in it, for the benefit or use of the public, and the acceptance, by or on behalf of the land or easement. ¡ª Often shortened to dedication. [Cases: Dedication 1¨C21. C.J.S. Dedication ¡ì¡ì 1¨C12, 14¨C26, 56¨C64.]

dedication by adverse user. A dedication arising from the adverse, exclusive use by the public with the actual or imputed knowledge and acquiescence of the owner. [Cases: Dedication 20. C.J.S. Dedication ¡ì 22.]

express dedication. A dedication explicitly manifested by the owner. [Cases: Dedication 17.]

implied dedication. A dedication presumed by reasonable inference from the owner’s conduct. [Cases: Dedication 18¨C20. C.J.S. Dedication ¡ì¡ì 15, 17¨C22.]

statutory dedication. A dedication for which the necessary steps are statutorily prescribed, all of which must be substantially followed for an effective dedication. [Cases: Dedication 22. C.J.S. Dedication ¡ì 27.]

tacit dedication. A dedication of property for public use arising from silence or inactivity and without an express agreement.

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