consummate (k[schwa]n-s[schwa]m-it orkahn-s[schwa]-mit), adj. Completed; fully accomplished. ? Consummate was often used at common law to describe the status of a contract or an estate, such as the trans-formation of a husband’s interest in his wife’s inheritance from that of a tenant by the curtesy initiate to a tenant by curtesy consummate upon the wife’s death (assuming that a child had been born during the marriage). See curtesy consummate under CURTESY. ¡ª consummation, n.

consummate (kon-s[schwa]-mayt), vb.

1. To bring to completion; esp., to make (a marriage) complete by sexual intercourse.

2. To achieve; to fulfill.

3. To perfect; to carry to the highest degree.

How do Chinese legal professionals usually express the term CONSUMMATE?
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