consulate (kon-s[schwa]-lit).

1. The office or jurisdiction of a consul (the senator advised the businessman to notify the U.S. consulate in Kuwait before visiting the country). [Cases: Ambassadors and Consuls

5. C.J.S. Ambassadors and Consuls ¡ì¡ì 26¨C30.]

2. The location of a consul’s office or residence (the family was staying on the second floor, just above the Turkish consulate).

foreign consulate. The consulate of a foreign country in the receiving state.

3. Government by consuls (after the French Revolution, the Directory was overthrown and the Consulate was created). ? This sense of consulate is based on the original Roman meaning (¡°chief magistrate¡±) ¡ª not on the modern sense of an overseas representative of a country.

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