2. A meeting between the two houses of a bicameral legislature. See conference committee under COMMITTEE.

¡°It is proper for either house to request a conference with the other on any matter of difference or dispute between them. When a conference is requested, the subject of the conference should always be stated. One house may request a conference to inquire or protest concerning an offense or default on the part of a member or officer of the other house. When there is a question concerning procedure, or when an unparliamentary message has been sent, instead of replying directly, a conference should be requested. When there are questions as to procedure between the two houses, the proper procedure is to discuss the matter by a conference committee; also, where one house desires to formally present a question to the other, the question should be submitted through a conference com-mittee.¡± National Conference of State Legislatures, Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure ¡ì 764, at 551 (2000).

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