condemnation (kon-dem-nay-sh[schwa]n), n.

1. The act of judicially pronouncing someone guilty; conviction.

2. The determination and declaration that certain property (esp. land) is assigned to public use, subject to reasonable compensation; the exercise of eminent domain by a governmental entity. See EMINENT DOMAIN.

excess condemnation. A taking of land in excess of the boundaries of the public project as designed by the con-demnor. [Cases: Eminent Domain 58. C.J.S. Eminent Domain ¡ì¡ì 68¨C69.]

inverse condemnation. An action brought by a property owner for compensation from a governmental entity that has taken the owner’s property without bringing formal condemnation proceedings.

¡ª Also termed constructive condemnation; reverse condemnation. [Cases: Eminent Domain 266. C.J.S. Eminent Domain ¡ì¡ì 375, 377, 381.]

quick condemnation. The immediate taking of possession of private property for public use, whereby the esti-mated compensation is deposited in court or paid to the condemnee until the actual amount of compensation can be established.

¡ª Also termed quick-take. [Cases: Eminent Domain 187, 188. C.J.S. Eminent Domain ¡ì¡ì 210¨C212, 221.]

3. An official pronouncement that a building is unfit for habitation; the act of making such a pronouncement.

4. The official pronouncement that a thing (such as food or drink) is unfit for use or consumption; the act of making such a pronouncement. [Cases: Health 392. C.J.S. Limitations of Actions ¡ì 88.]

5. Maritime law. The declaration that a vessel is forfeited to the government, is a prize, or is unfit for service.

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