concordat (kon- or k[schwa]n-kor-dat).

1. An agreement between a government and a church, esp. the Roman Catholic Church. [Cases: Religious Societies 29. C.J.S. Religious Societies ¡ì¡ì 36¨C37.]

¡°The qualification of a treaty as a concordat depends only upon its object and purpose, not upon the name or outward form chosen by the parties. Although the term originally was also used for treaties between States, it has increasingly become restricted to only those treaties concluded with the Holy See.¡± Heribert Franz K?ck, ¡°Con-cordats,¡± in 1 Encyclopedia of Public International Law 164 (1992).

2. Hist. Eccles. law. An agreement between ecclesiastical persons concerning a benefice, such as a resignation or promotion. See BENEFICE.

3. An agreement between secular persons or entities.

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