compromis (kom-pr[schwa]-mee). [French] Int’l law. An agreement between two or more countries to submit an existing dispute to the jurisdiction of an arbitrator, an arbitral tribunal, or an international court. See compro-missory arbitration under ARBITRATION.

ad hoc compromis (ad hok kom-pr[schwa]-mee). An agreement in which countries submit a particular dispute that has arisen between them to an ad hoc or institutionalized arbitral tribunal or to an international court.

¡ª Also termed compromis proper; special agreement.

general compromis. An agreement in which countries submit all or a definite class of disputes that may arise between them to an arbitral institution, a court, or an ad hoc arbitral tribunal by concluding a general arbitration treaty or by including an arbitration clause in a treaty.

¡ª Also termed abstract compromis; anticipated com-promis.

What is the legal equivalent of the term COMPROMIS in Chinese?
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