child support. Family law.

1. A parent’s legal obligation to contribute to the economic maintenance and education of a child until the age of majority, the child’s emancipation before reaching majority, or the child’s completion of secondary education. ? The obligation is enforceable both civilly and criminally. [Cases: Child Support 22.]

2. In a custody or divorce action, the money legally owed by one parent to the other for the expenses incurred for children of the marriage. ? The right to child support is the child’s right and cannot be waived, and any di-vorce-decree provision waiving child support is void. Cf. ALIMONY. [Cases: Child Support 1¨C669. C.J.S. Parent and Child ¡ì¡ì 156¨C191, 193¨C256, 359¨C377.]

decretal child support. Child support provided for in a divorce decree or modification order.

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