chamber, n.

1. A room or compartment (gas chamber).

2. A legislative or judicial body or other deliberative assembly (chamber of commerce).

3. The hall or room where such a body conducts business (the senate chamber). ¡ª chamber, adj.

judge’s chamber. (usu. pl.)

1. The private room or office of a judge.

2. Any place where a judge transacts official business when not holding a session of the court. See IN CAMERA. [Cases: Judges 27. C.J.S. Judges ¡ì 58.]

lower chamber. In a bicameral legislature, the larger of the two legislative bodies, such as the House of Repre-sentatives or the House of Commons. [Cases: States 26. C.J.S. States ¡ì 40.]

Star Chamber. See STAR CHAMBER.

upper chamber. In a bicameral legislature, the smaller of the two legislative bodies, such as the Senate or the House of Lords.

chamber, vb. Slang. (Of a judge) to sit in one’s chambers at a given location ( Chief Judge Kaye chambers sometimes in New York City and sometimes in Albany).

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