admonition (ad-m[schwa]-nish-[schwa]n), n.

1. Any authoritative advice or caution from the court to the jury regarding their duty as jurors or the admissibility of evidence for consideration (the judge’s admonition that the jurors not discuss the case until they are charged). [Cases: Criminal Law 852; Trial 133.

6. C.J.S. Criminal Law ¡ì 1371; Trial¡ì¡ì 331¨C332.]

2. A reprimand or cautionary statement addressed to counsel by a judge (the judge’s admonition that the lawyer stop speaking out of turn). [Cases: Criminal Law 730; Trial 133.

4. C.J.S. Trial ¡ì 331.]

3. Eccles. law. An authoritatively issued warning or censure. ¡ª admonish (ad-mon-ish), vb. ¡ª admonitory (ad-mon-[schwa]-tor-ee), adj.

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