acquittal, n.

1. The legal certification, usu. by jury verdict, that an accused person is not guilty of the charged offense.

acquittal in fact. An acquittal by a jury verdict of not guilty.

acquittal in law. An acquittal by operation of law, as of someone who has been charged merely as an accessory after the principal has been acquitted.

implied acquittal. An acquittal in which a jury convicts the defendant of a lesser included offense without com-menting on the greater offense. ? Double jeopardy bars the retrial of a defendant on the higher offense after an implied acquittal. [Cases: Double Jeopardy 100. 1.]

2. Contracts. A release or discharge from debt or other liability; ACQUITTANCE. [Cases: Release

8. C.J.S. Release ¡ì 2.]

3. Hist. The obligation of a middle lord to protect a tenant from a claim, entry, or molestation by a paramount lord arising out of service that the middle lord owes the paramount lord.

What is the legal equivalence of ACQUITTAL in Chinese?
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